My Bride is a Mermaid

Mmmmm… that was good.  Man, I’m full now.  Guess I should take a nap.  What? Oh yeah the announcement.

So I hope ya’ll had fun with that.  Good deductive skills Mr. Snowflakes, Lunaitc and the rest who figured it out but let others play the game.
And now I bring you…


My Bride is a Mermaid

(Seto No Hanayome)

For those of you who want the hint spelled out. :

Some very educated guesses I’m seeing. Even a few of you have hit it right on the nose… but which ones? Think we’ve found out that you guys are too clever for hints.  Or do you like trying to figure them out?

No, I think we’ll just wait…

Have a nice afternoon ya’ll. Or maybe evening?

Seto No Hanayome You heard it first here, folks.  But it’s not over yet… Full Press Release Here