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It’s going to be a week of Dragon Ball Z releases.  For those of you collecting the DBZ Season Sets, now’s the time to pick up the 9th and final season.  Also we’ve got Movies 12 & 13: Fusion Reborn & Wrath of the Dragon in the DVD steelbook set and Blu-ray.  To promote the collector in you, I’m including a picture of all 9 seasons from one of our DBZ display cases.  Isn’t it purty?

You can also pick up those 12-inch figures from Medicom Toy’s Real Action Heroes line at online retailers such as or Action Figure Express.  They’re pretty sweet.

And here are the mocks for Movies 12 & 13 anime Blu-ray and DVD Steelbook and Blu-ray.

But wait, there’s more!Continue Clare’s journey with Claymore – Volume 5, also available this Tuesday.

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