Shuffle! Panties and Strip Clubs

UPDATE:  Shuffle! Panties Winner – Jaime Collins

He is our random winner for the lottery! Congratulations on getting yourself a pair of panties and the Shuffle! Complete Series Box Set. I will be contacting you via facebook, so be sure to check you messages. Sorry for the delayed announcement. Thanks to all of our fans and everyone who participated.


A fan recently posted on the AoD forums about what he decided to do with his Shuffle! pack-in promotional item.  If you remember a little while ago, we released the Shuffle! ender box with a pair of “GOD” panties as featured in the show.

Mr. CrazyCanuck of AoD gave his pair to a close friend who just happens to work at a “gentlemen’s club.”

He said, “They will be worn, and displayed, in a manor and with a frequency appropriate to the show they come from.”

I just want to say thanks for promoting our shows in a place I never thought possible. That’s quite the uhh… achievement? Interesting if nothing else…  Go to his post for an image link to thecurrent bearer of the panties (potential NSFW).  FYI, they’re on backwards. 😳

Did you get your pair of panties from the Shuffle! box?  No? Want a pair?

Then become a fan of FUNimation Entertainment on facebook and comment under the Shuffle! panties post on our facebook wall.

I’ll do a lottery from everyone who commented and one lucky winner will get Shuffle!: The Complete Series Box Set wearing a pair of the ‘GOD’ panties. Remember, you can’t win if you’re not a fan. I will announce the winner on Friday.  Good Luck! 😀

Ahhh.. panties…