Dragon Ball Z Crane Game with Exclusive Collector Edition Figures


We’ve teamed with Namco Cybertainment Inc., one of the largest amusement game operators in the U.S. and Caribbean, to bring the Z-fighters to more than 780 amusement centers around the country.


You can already find some of these crane games around the country containing figures of the DBZ gang.  Think this is just an antiquated UFO catcher you played as a kid with subpar stuff animals?  Then you’re wrong. The Dragon Ball Z figure crane game will offer an entirely new experience for those who are familiar with the old crane concept. Now you can put your true crane skills to the test.

Instead of directing a crane claw to a random and, hopefully, substantial grip on a desired prize, crane players are able to utilize their skills to line up the claw fingers with one or more of the eight holes in the custom figure packaging for a precise hook on their favorite Dragon Ball Z figures. You can see some examples on the side of the page. Here’s what the containers look like.

There are 8 collectible characters in this first series:

SS Goku
SS Gohan
SS Vegetto
SS Vegeta
SS Trunks

Of course, it’s a limited quantity so you’d better win your favorite character before someone else does.
And it’s the standard $.50 to $1.00 per play.

These collector edition figure prizes are designed and manufactured by Banpresto Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan and cannot be found in retail stores.  Want one? Then you’ll have to win one.  Find the closest game near you using this locator: https://blipstar.com/namcoarcade.jsp

If you’ve already won one of these awesome figures, I wanna see a picture of it, so post a link to the image in your comment.