Strike Witches – Winning the War on Pants

Strike Witches seems to be a phenomenon that’s hitting America by storm.  “How so?” you may ask.  The group Improv Everywhere conducts worldwide missions to cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places.  In their latest attempt, over 3,000 participants in New York, not including additional people from 43 other cities around the world in 16 countries, went pantless while using various forms of public transportation. See videos and more after the jump.

During the annual occurrences labeled as “No Pants Rides”, participants publicly display their drawers while riding on subways, trains, rails, etc.  and some just congregating in public places for some good ol’ no pants time.  The key is to behave like everything is normal – or have improptu dance battles.

Of course, this all must have been inspired by our 2010 Strike Witches campaign to win the war on pants (even if the no pants rides started 9 years ago). If you’re not familiar with what I mean, then you’ll have to watch the trailer for the series.

I like Japanator‘s comment about the trailer,  “If you do not laugh, you have no soul.”

I hope everyone here has souls.  If you don’t, maybe you need to go on some quest to attain one by traveling to a distant land, while meeting colorful characters along the way.  And through your travels with your companions, you realize you’ve had a soul the whole time.  Then, and only then, come back and watch the Strike Witches trailer.