FUNimation Prepaid Cards

the growing trend of buying anime from online retailers like Amazon and Right Stuf, it becomes more inconvenient for those without credit cards to get their favorite DVDs and Blu-rays.  That’s just one reason why FUNimation is starting this program as a responsible, easy, and secure way to make purchases.

I know I’ve heard some of you guys complain that you or someone you know doesn’t have a credit card making anime buying quite a hassle. Actually, here are a few of your past comments from the blog:

jmfsilenthil I wish I had a credit card 😥  .

Scott my dad doesn’t want to reveal his credit card number

Leslie I think the main demographic for Funimation should be minors below the age of 21 who don’t have access to credit cards yet

Ayinde And it’s not as if many teens can buy DVDs online at their own leisure. I would assume they need credit cards or a parent’s permission.

Hopefully, these prepaid cards can alleviate those issues. Not only are they convenient, but they are adorned with anime favorites like Soul Eater and Fruits Basket.   And for you parents, they make great gifts for your kids. 

We are launching this August with a variety of card designs, including – Afro Samurai:  Resurrection, Soul Eater, Fruits Basket, Sgt. Frog, and Tsubasa Reservoire Chronicles.  New designs will be added and available as the program grows over time.

Here are some of the features that the prepaid cards offer:

–       self-sufficient spending
–       buying flexibility of credit cards with no risk of debt or interest rates
–       a safe “charge” option for online purchases
–       protection if a prepaid card is lost or stolen
–       parental control features
–       online account monitoring
–       financial independence

If you’re interested, sign up for updates on and we will email you once they program has started so that you can enroll for a card.  Cards are available for the 13-17 age with parental permission and then of course 18+ too.  Plans and fees for the FUNimation Prepaid Card vary and card maximum may change or fees may apply based on the plan selected.

I’m always interested in your thoughts and opinions on our new initiatives, so tell me what you think.