Watch Anime Hands Free on Xbox Live

Do you have an Xbox 360? Then you probably know about the extraordinary new way to enjoy games, find videos and control playback without the use of a controller! That means starting tomorrow you can watch anime on Xbox Live and keep your hands free for whatever else you’d like to do.

How about we do a countdown of the top ten things you could with your hands now that you won’t have a controller weighing them down?

Top Ten Things to Do While Watching Anime Hands Free on Your Xbox 360
10. Use alchemy to turn your iPod into a Zune.

9. Use Zune to download more FUNimation anime like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

8. Take off your Dragonaut booty shorts. (Seriously, it’s been like a year now.)
7. Cover your eyes while watching the naughty parts of RINand Ikki Tousen. (Basically the whole show)

6. Peek at all the naughty parts of RIN and Ikki Tousen. (Again, basically the whole show)

5. Sit back, relax and smoke a big fat…turkey, but make sure it’s the good stuff. (Butterball!) Thanksgiving is coming up soon.
4. Download and make a Strike Witches paper panty airplane while watching Strike Witches on your Xbox 360

3. Clear your browsing history (dude….you just downloaded a paper panty airplane)

2. Craft weapons for the upcoming zombie apocalypse,Dead Rising style.
1. Polish your joystick (After all, your controllers are gonna get dusty!)