Hetalia T-Shirts are Going Fast!

Don’t forget to order your commemorative WWII T-shirts from RightStuf.com.  Ok, that’s a lie. They’re not commemorative and Flying Mint Bunny doesn’t really have anything to do with any of the world wars, but they are pretty snazzy. Unfortunately if you wanted a small or medium “Make Pasta Not War” design, you’re shirt out of luck. Those are sold out.  Also, there’s only 2 left of the small “Flying Mint Bunny” shirts, so you’d better pick up yours before it’s too late.

Since when ever these pics get posted and people always ask where they can get the hats, here’s that info. Pick up a FMA beanie or Soul Eater Black Star Cap also at RightStuf.

As stated before, the shirts are made of a thinner cotton jersey material that has a little bit of stretch and are cut to be more fitting that your normal tee. The sizes are unisex so each size is in the range between men’s and women’s sizes.

Stay tuned ’cause next week we should have some more Hetalia news coming your way.

These shirts would go great with your Hetalia: Axis Powers – Season 1 and Season 2 DVDs, so make sure you order those too, if you haven’t already.