Release Schedule Updated!

I know it’s way overdue, but thanks to the help of one of our new interns Michelle, the release schedule finally got updated.  Yes, we do have an intern program.
[spoiler /Click here for more info about our internship program./ /Hide/]

Undergrad college students can apply for positions in any of the following departments:

  • Marketing (focus on PR, Marketing, Social Media, Media Planning)
  • Creative Services (creative development, digital content, web design)
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Production (Trailer Development, Editing, Sound Design)
  • Consumer Licensing (Licensing, Acquisitions)

The most critical traits for the FUNimation intern candidates are reliability, integrity, and the ability to take initiative as well as direction. Computer literacy, excellent communication and writing skills, and an interest in Anime are all strong advantages. Interns are required to live locally in the DFW area.

Resumes can be sent to[/spoiler]Releases have been shifting around quite a bit recently, so you may want to take another look at what’s coming out.

I’m particularly interested in getting Evangelion 2.22 and FLCL on Blu-ray. What are you excited for?