New Releases – Breaking Rules, Breaking Faces

It’s New Release Tuesday, and we’re breaking rules and breaking faces.

We’ve got the Live Action Film – DROP releasing today. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Drawn to the hardcore life of a delinquent, Hiroshi drops out of his upscale private school and enrolls in a gritty public school. On his first day he gets his ass kicked by Tatsuya (Hiro Mizushima, winner of the 2010 Japanese Academy Prize “Rookie of the Year”), the son of an ex-yakuza and the leader of a pack of unruly thugs. Hiroshi sucks at fighting, but he hits it off with the crew and enjoys the reckless partying, smoking and boozing – but can he hang when a rivalry with a nasty biker gang turns into countless bloody, face-breaking brawls? When the allure of a wasted youth is pitted against the reality of growing up, some people would rather take a beating than stop the fun.

This film stars Hiro Mizushima, who received the “Rookie of the Year” 2010 Japanese Academy Prize for his role in DROP. It’s also based on the manga of the same name. If you’ve seen the film, it’s definitely got some heavy manga influences stylistically.



We also have Blue Gender available for you today in our Anime Classics Collection.