Hetalia Invades Hot Topic

You can now get your Hetalia: Axis Powers fix at your local Hot Topic. This stunning black shirt (see image) features the Hetalia: Axis Powers in bold red, white and blues. It’s 100% cotton, and available in men’s sizes and pictures UK (Britain), America, Sealand and Flying Mint Bunny. Want more Hetalia shirts? Make sure you pick this one up atHot Topic! If enough fans buy them, they may make more shirts. Why should Axis Powers get all the love? We need an Allied Powers shirt too!!

It’s hard to fathom the true (as Prussia would say) AWESOME of this shirt from this picture alone. So, here are some action shots of the shirt as modeled by our Manager of Creative Services. While only the shirt is available at Hot Topic, look how well it goes with all your other Hetalia gear!


You can also get all your Hetalia information on our anime site at https://www.funimation.com/hetalia