Manga Artist selected for Guardians of Luna

Dance in the Vampire Bund fans might be interested to know that Guardians of LunaProductions today announced the selection of New York Times best-selling manga artist Nozomu Tamaki (Dance in the Vampire Bund, Angel Para Bellum) to create the Guardians of Luna parallel manga series. Nozomu Tamaki’s Dance in the Vampire Bund is published in North America by Seven Seas Publishing, and has been converted into a successful anime recently released byGuardians of Luna‘s distribution partner, FUNimation Entertainment. The Guardians of Lunamanga series will be co-published by FlexComix Inc, for worldwide digital release, with a US publishing partner to be announced.

Fans can expect to see an alternate take on the Guardians of Luna universe and characters. The official website,, will be providing more information on Tamaki-san and the manga in coming months, so be sure to check the website for updates!

FlexComix Inc. is a manga production company that creates original manga titles that are distributed digitally across the web and on mobile phones with subsequent print editions available through traditional book trade outlets throughout Japan and worldwide. Its publishing model provides a cutting edge platform for manga readers to enjoy titles in online, mobile and print formats. FlexComix has three free web comic magazines: FlexComix Blood, which serializes shounen manga, FlexComix Flare, which serializes shoujo manga, and FlexComix Next, which serializes seinen manga. Some of FlexComix’s most popular manga serializations include “Break Blade” and “Nyankoi”, both of which have been adapted into successful anime titles.