Pre-order Hetalia the Movie – Paint it, White!

Amazon is running a special “First to Know, First to Order” sale, and Hetalia the Movie – Paint it, White! is on it! Here’s your chance to pre-order the first ever full-length Hetalia feature film (which includes both English language and original Japanese audio tracks). Extra features include the hilarious “CAPSLOCK COMMENTARY”, outtakes, historical/cultural notes and more.

This limited edition includes a soft cotton Pictorian bulb green character print bandanna to add to your growing rainbow of Hetalia bandannas. (Notice how Japan is sitting creepily in the corner filming…)

Be sure you pre-order so that you can get this special limited edition copy with the collectable bandanna while supplies last. The bandana editions of seasons 1 and 2 were sold out at the wholesale level BEFORE street date last year, so you will definitely need to grab this limited edition early.

Hetalia the Movie – Paint it, White! releases in North America on 11/22/11 for an SRP of $29.98. (Only $20.99 if you pre-order on Amazon now!)

Movie synopsis:

Alien Invaders. A World United. Weird Goo. LOL WUT?

It’s totally the end of the world in Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it, White! This full-length flick brings all your fave boys together in modern times with one goal: Drop the bro-hammer on some alien invaders!

The Pictorians have arrived from deep in space. They also have dangly glow-balls on their heads, which is kinda cool, but still. The freaky aliens are using use their crazy rainbow-beam-thingy to paint everything on Earth the same color: white! See, now the title of the movie makes more sense, right? Anyway, if the Pictorians are to be stopped, the Allied guys and the Axis boys – plus some new characters, too – must set aside their differences, unite against their common foe, and hopefully get together for a sweaty work-out to make sure they’re super-ready to save the world!


If you were one of the lucky ones who made it out to Otakon then you got to see this special message from Jonathan Brooks–voice of Prussia. If you didn’t make it out to lovely Baltimore, well, we’re taking pity on you and showing you the video here. Also, for your viewing enjoyment, here’s a special sneak peek clip of the movie. Taste the rainbow! Oh wait… that’s something else…