NEW Hetalia Cast Members Announced!

Have you heard? It’s hot. Yeah, I know, right?!

As such, now that it is time to announce a few more of the cast members brought into the world that is Hetalia, we have opted to focus on the Nordics. Two reasons: it’s cold there and we are partial to puffins.

You already know that the Netherlands is represented by Michael Sinternikklas, Finland by Clint Bickham and Iceland by Jason Leibrecht.

Now we are happy to share that Denmark is played by Montgomery Sutton, Norway by Alex Organ and Sweden by Robert McCollum.

Yah, it’s true.

Also, if you are in Ohio, visiting Ohio, or like Ohio, many of the Hetalia cast members are attending Matsuricon in Columbus this weekend.

Our awesome actors will be signing Hetalia movie posters and postcards so go on by and get their autographs and sing them the Hetalia theme song.

Meanwhile, you California fans can see Robert McCollum in Fresno at AniJam. Go by and say something Swedish if you would.

Then you can go to Amazon and pre-order the Hetalia movie PAINT IT, WHITE. Here’s the link: