Anime News Network Talks DBZ Blu-ray with FUNimation

Our very own Director of DVD, Blu-ray & Video Production Clarine Harp and Blu-ray, DVD & Video Production Manager Matt O’Hara were interview on Anime News Network’s latest podcast. Hear them talk shop and go into detail on the soon to be available Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray.

We provided ANN with some comparison shots of the various DBZ releases that I’ve included below. A few things you might notice about the video is that HD restoration of the film has color most true to the original work, while keeping the most amount of detail. Also, the Blu-ray version will contain more visual footage due to maintaining the original 4:3 aspect ratio in contrast to the Orange Season Sets. Since the HD restore is also handled frame-by-frame, many scratches or anomalies were removed that may be visible in previous releases.

For more on the film restoration and Blu-ray process, listen to the interview.