Hetalia Fan Video Contest

Do you love Hetalia? I mean really LOVE Hetalia?! Do you lie awake at night wondering how Italy spent his day? Is your teacher constantly reprimanding you in class for drawing fan art of France embracing Britain? Do you scream to random people on the street, “I AM AWESOME!” DO YOU REALLY LOVE HETALIA?! Well, then this might be the perfect contest for you.

Hetalia is all about sharing love for the world and always being willing to laugh at oneself. Hetalia fans are some of the most energetic and enthusiastic members of the anime fan community. Here’s the chance for you to spread your love for Hetalia to everyone all over the Internet and win fabulous prizes for doing so.

Hetalia fan videos- the two minute challenge: Why I love Hetalia and you should too!

Make a video about how much you love Hetalia and why everyone should check it out. Is it the friends you’ve made through fandom, the vibrant online communities or even the cosplay? Is it just sitting back and watching your DVDs over and over while chuckling at your favorite parts? Is it the memes, the voices, the history, the meetups or even being just so excited it MAKES YOU TYPE IN CAPSLOCK? Whatever Hetalia means to you, we want to hear it, celebrate it and share the love!

Here’s the rules:

  1. Videos should be no more than 2 minutes long. Any videos longer than 2 minutes will be disqualified.
  2. Entrants must be 18 years and older and a resident of the United States or Canada
  3. No original anime or manga footage, sounds or imagery may be used. Fanart and cosplay are okay, though!
  4. No music you do not personally own the copyright to may be used. If desired, you may use the music tracks for “Happy Thoughts Museum” and “Sweet Summer Day”, the Hetalia trailer songs.
  5. Be sure to include “FUNimation Hetalia Fan Video” in the title of your video
  6. Upload your video to YouTube and send us the completed release form, the link with the video creator’s name, address, age, video title (as appears on YouTube) and email tocontests@funimation.com We must receive all submissions before the end of the entry window (10-9-2011)
  7. Entries will be judged on sincerity, passion and trueness to the subject of “Why I love Hetalia and you should, too!” so let your fandom show!
  8. Entries must be posted to YouTube by 11:59 PM on 10-09-2011 (Sunday). 10 finalists will be selected and announced by 10-13-2011 (Thursday). The finalists will have their videos uploaded to the FUNimation YouTube channel on Friday, 10-14-2011. The winners will be selected and announced on 10-21-2011 (Friday), just in time for Hetalia day!
  9. Two winners will be selected for the grand prize. One winner will be the entry that gets the most views for their video after it is uploaded to the FUNimation YouTube channel and until 11:59PM 10-20-2011. The other will be chosen by Team Hetalia here at Funimation.
  10. EVERYONE who enters according to the rules will get a special treat, so you have to enter to win!
  12. Please click here for full official rules.

Grand Prize winners (2) will receive:

  • Their winning video featured on the FUNimation YouTube home page with over 276,000 subscribers and on the official FUNimation Hetalia home page.
  • Hetalia Movie Poster
  • Hetalia Autographed movie poster (Scott Sager, Bob Shirohata, Akira Sasanuma, Scott Freeman, Patrick Seitz, J. Michael Tatum)
  • Large Hetalia black and yellow soccer themed bag filled to the brim with
  • Hetalia Axis Powers Season 1 on DVD
  • Hetalia Axis Powers Season 2 on DVD
  • Hetalia the Movie – Paint it, White! – Delivered to you BEFORE you can buy it!
  • Hetalia Axis Powers Manga vol. 1
  • Hetalia Axis Powers Manga vol. 2
  • Hetalia Art Card 1
  • Hetalia Art Card 2
  • Hetalia Bath Towel
  • Hetalia Postcard set
  • Flying Mint Bunny cell phone strap
  • Large sticker set
  • Large sticker sheet
  • Russia character flag
  • US x Canada keychain
  • France Vinyl keychain
  • America dog tag necklace
  • America vinyl keychain
  • Italy Embroidered patch
  • China Embroidered Patch
  • Russia Embroidered Patch
  • France Embroidered Patch
  • Germany Embroidered Patch
  • Britain Embroidered Patch
  • Japan Wristband
  • Britain Wristband
  • Allies Silver Foil Notebook
  • Allies Binder
  • America ball cap
  • Hetalia Wall Scroll

Runners Up ( 8 ) will receive:

  • Their winning video featured in a playlist on the FUNimation YouTube page
  • Goody bag filled with assorted Hetalia related treats and prizes
  • Hetalia Movie poster
  • Hetalia Postcard 1
  • Hetalia Postcard 2

So, good luck, and fly your Hetalia-Love flag high! We’re looking forward to some awesome videos! Now, here’s a brief clip about how much we love Hetalia here at FUNimation. And don’t forget to pre-order Hetalia: Paint it, White! the movie available November 22, 2011.

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