Happy International Translation Day!

Babel Fish says, Happy International Translation Day! Well, it’s technically tomorrow. What is International Translation Day, you may ask? Well, it’s celebrated on the 30th of September every year on the feast of St. Jerome, the Bible translator who is considered the patron saint of translators. This day is promoted by the International Federation of Translators. It’s to show solidarity of the worldwide translation community and promote the translation profession in different countries.

We anime fans, especially those of us who don’t speak Japanese fluently, know how vital our translators are. Without our translators, we would have to struggle along with raws and try to figure out what the heck was going on.

So, we here at FUNimation would like to take this time to give a big THANK YOU to our translators:

  • Steve Simmons. Translator since 1999. Doesn’t sweat petty things; doesn’t pet sweaty things.
  • Sarah Alys Lindholm. Translator since 2003; Quality Assurance Translator for FUNimation since 2008. Anosmic who is often heard to ask, “Hey, can you sniff this for me?”
  • Javier Lopez. Translator since 2001. Puro Tejano. Sort of.
  • Jack Wiedrick. Translator since 2002. Brews his own beer. Loves math, languages, chess; hates slow cars in the fast lane.
  • Clyde Mandelin. Translator since 2002. Favorite thing: Rockin. Favorite food: Steak. Archnemesis: The birds in Ninja Gaiden.
  • Shoko Oono. Gamer, translator, and hamster-keeper.

These are the individuals responsible for translating your favorite FUNimation titles. So, make sure you leave a comment on the blog to thank them for all their hard work.