More Hetalia Cast Members!

Hello, puny cartoon fans. That’s right, I said cartoon, BECAUSE I AM PRUSSIA, AND I AM AWESOME! What was that, Gilbird? You have some news for these pathetic Hetalia fans? More cast announcements for Hetalia: World Series and Paint it, White?

Fine, I will allow it. This time. But, only because I am so awesome.

  • Chibi Romano – Colleen Clinkenbeard
  • Turkey – Kent Williams
  • Germania – Jason Douglas
  • Tony the Alien – Majken Bullard

Yes, these “voice actors” are awesome, BUT NOT AS AWESOME AS ME! Although, I have met Tony the Alien, and he swears A LOT. I guess he’s pretty awesome too. What was that, Gilbird? Oh, yes, he does swear just as much in English.

Hetalia: World Series is going to be awesome for one reason, and it’s not these voice actors, it’s ME, PRUSSIA! But, in the meantime, I guess the fans can go pre-order the movie, Hetalia: Paint it, White! which is out on 11.22.11. Ok, that’s enough AWESOME for one announcement, Gilbird. Now, I’m going back to beating that silly America at Words with Friends. He’s barely got a 5th grade education, so this has been pretty easy. He keeps spelling “Hero.”