Sekirei: Pure Engagement – Too Hot For YouTube

What?! Sekirei: Pure Engagement was flagged for nudity and/or sexual content?! Don’t people know that Sekirei: Pure Engagement has an amazing story line? I mean, it’s not all about the boobs, is it?

Nah, I’m not gonna lie, that’s a big part of it. Apparently, there was too much of it for YouTube. We posted some NSFW (Not Save For Work) videos for Sekirei: Pure Engagement yesterday evening. There was one uncut clip from the OVA and one uncut trailer. Unfortunately, they were flagged for gratuitous amounts of breasts and taken down just a few hours after upload. In just two hours, both videos combined generated over 10,000 views. So, we know what y’all were doing last night…

So, if you saved this video to your favorites in YouTube, tough luck. Blame the people who went in and flagged it for inappropriateness.

Anyways, since these videos are too hot for YouTube, you’ll only be able to find them on Since these are very mature clips, you will need to be a registered user over the age of 18 to be able to view them. Click here to register.

Sekirei: Pure Engagement will be available on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack on January 3, 2012.