Justin Cook Vlog: Yu Yu Hakusho: Movie & Eizou Hakusho

Justin Cook (Yu Yu Hakusho – Producer, Voice of Yusuke Urameshi) is back with another vlog – this time driving and talking about Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie & Eizou Hakusho available December 13, 2011. This vlog was available exclusively for our Elite Video Subscribers this past weekend. Now the rest of the world can hear him explain the movie, OVA, and extras, also well as behind the scenes clips and stories about reuniting the original FUNimation cast to create the all new dub. Complete your collection with this new release, and also don’t forget about the Season 4 Blu-raythat just released complete with the limited edition reprint of “The Dark One” card from the Yu Yu Hakusho Trading Card Game. Both releases are MUST HAVES for any true Yu Yu Hakusho fan.

Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie & Eizou Hakusho Contains:
Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie
Eizou Hakusho OVA
Nightmare Hakusho
Scenes from the Dark Tournament
Anti-Piracy Clips
Yu YU Hakusho Opening & Ending Encylopedia
Textless Songs
Vintage Trailer