New Release Tuesday – Fan Service With Some Bite

This New Release Tuesday is very special because it marks the release of the long anticipated Rosario + Vampire! Fans of the series have been anxiously awaiting the anime Blu-ray and DVD home video release, and now they can finally own their own copy. Not only that, but we’ve released it as a Limited Edition collectible box with a gorgeous art booklet.

If you’d like to see what all comes with this Limited Edition, you can check out our Hey Nice Package! video. If you want this Limited Edition print, you better order now. It’s sold out at the wholesale level, so what’s out on the market is it. There won’t be any more after they’re gone.

Not only did we release Rosario + Vampire Season 1, but we also haveCAPU2 out today as well! So, now you can own both seasons of the series at the same time! Also out today, Heaven’s Lost Property and Initial D -Stage 4 – S.A.V.E.

How are you liking the Limited Edition releases?