Dragon Ball GT on Nicktoons

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Dragon Ball GT is coming to Nicktoons on January 16th at 7pm ET! Nicktoons will be starting with Episode 1 and running the first 5 episodes back-to-back with the title sequences and end credits removed as a special “movie” event. From there, Nicktoons will premiere two episodes per week (on Wednesdays and Thursdays) starting January 18th at 8pm ET.

Then on February 23rd they’re going to slow it down to the scheduled broadcast of one episode per week on Thursdays at 8pm.


More About Dragon Ball GT:

Ten years have passed since Goku left his friends and family to hone his skills. But Goku soon finds himself helpless against the mystical power of the Dragon Balls and an accidental wish made by the devious Emperor Pilaf. His desire; that Goku once again become a child! Not daunted by this small setback, Goku, together with Trunks, and his own granddaughter Pan, blast off into the outer reaches of space in search of the mysterious Blackstar Dragon Balls. But these Dragon Balls have a fatal secret: if not collected within one year Earth will be destroyed.

Make sure you tune in on January 16th at 7pm ET for the premiere of Dragon Ball GT on Nicktoons!

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