FUNimation Entertainment Announces New Acquisitions at Sakura-con

Flower Mound, TX – April 6, 2012 – FUNimation Entertainment announced today at Sakura-con it has acquired the rights to 2 anime series: Sankarea and Shangri-La. In addition, FUNimation has acquired the simulcast rights for Sankarea . A brief synopsis for each series is listed below:

Sankarea– Furuya’s not interested in the living, he’s got zombies on the brain! When Furuya’s cat dies, he decides he’s going to try and bring it back to life. In the process, he stumbles across a girl whose failed attempted suicide has turned her into a real zombie! What’s Furuya going to do now that the thing he loves the most is right in front of his eyes? Watch what happens in this romantic comedy about the undead.

Shangri-La – In the distant future, earthquakes and the effects of global warming have splintered Japanese society. Some struggle hand-to-mouth in the jungle-tangled ruins of civilization. Some live comfortably within the closed-off city of Atlas. Others lurk online, anonymously hacking the global economy. As nature grows more violent and the divide between classes expands, one spirited girl – Kuniko – must face her destiny and lead her people into the utopia of Atlas. The city’s ruthless government isn’t going to welcome them with open arms, but Kuniko won’t give up until the gates of Atlas are kicked open for good – even if it means discovering that the promised land she dreamed of is built upon a foundation of twisted secrets and lies.

Simulcasts will begin on & during spring 2012.



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