King of Thorn English Cast Announcement Plus Interview with Director Kazuyoshi Katayama

Earlier today we announced the acquisition of King of Thorn.  Well, here’s the English Dub cast, plus an interview with Director Kazuyoshi Katayama and a sneak peek at the dub!


Line Producer Zach Bolton
Head Writer John Burgmeier
Script Writer Patrick Seitz
ADR Director Christopher Bevins
ADR Engineer Cris George
MARCO Patrick Seitz
KASUMI Brina Palencia
KATHERINE Stephanie Young
IVAN John Swasey
SHIZUKU Alexis Tipton
RON Bob Carter
PETER Christopher Bevins
TIMOTHY Luci Christian
LAURA Anastasia Muñoz
WALTER Todd Haberkorn
ALICE Monica Rial
ALESSANDRO R Bruce Elliott