Live with FUNimation on Monday May 7th at 6pm CT

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Going to try out a new site for streaming. Hope you’ll be able to joins us today at 6pm CT. Here’s the link to the live event:

We’re scheduling another live event for Monday, May 7th at 6pm CT/7pm ET.  We appreciate you bearing with us as we sort through various technical issues with these live events.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to join us on Monday.  We’re going to shake things up and do this a little differently.  A little variety is a good thing, don’t ya think?  Gonna try out a new format and feature some new products as well as do a live Hey, Nice Package.

Please start submitting your questions now in the comments section below.  On Monday, we will select a few questions to answer from the submissions, and maybe take some questions real time as well.

Check back on this blog post Monday for the link to the live event and some more information.

Live with FUNimation
Monday, May 7th
4pm PT/6pm CT/ 7pm ET

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