Most Bizarre Anime Episodes on Hulu

With all the anime that’s available on Hulu, it’s hard to choose which episode to watch. This list hopefully will make it easier for your lovers of the weird. If these episodes aren’t bizarre enough for you, which episodes would you add to the playlist?


Title Description
1. Chaos;HEAd: Linkage
Season 1 : Ep. 8   (26:53)
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The Gigalomaniac Trio embarks on a daring mission to destroy Noah II, but their enemy remains a step ahead, ambushing the would-be heroes with their own worst nightmares.
2. Excel Saga: The Woman from Mars
Season 1 : Ep. 2   (24:34)
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When an adorable alien invasion force appears in the skies above F City, Excel springs into action! During the chaos, Nabeshin and Space Butler work together for the good of a sleeping princess.
3. Is This a Zombie?: Yes, I’m a Magi…
Season 1 : Ep. 1   (25:14)
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Ayumu is a boy with a problem. He’s dead. Well, actually he’s a zombie, and he’s about to be chopped in half by a magical girl in pink dress with a matching chainsaw. Some guys just can’t catch a break.
4. Shigurui: Death Frenzy: Birth Cry
Season 1 : Ep. 6   (24:05)
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Seething with betrayal, Kogan begins the systematic destruction of his former heir. Seigen is forced to face off against familiar opponent in a battle where neither samurai emerges unscathed.
5. Speed Grapher: Dentophobia
Season 1 : Ep. 8   (24:08)
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With Kagura’s health failing, an unexpected house call from the demented Dentist is the last thing Saiga needs. The photographer will have to perfect his shooting skills to pass this sadistic drill.
6. Tokyo Majin: The Hole Lady
Season 1 : Ep. 8   (24:23)
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A demonic girl is wandering the streets, ripping the right arm off of anyone who crosses her path. Unfortunately for Komaki, that path leads straight to the archery tournament.
7. Toriko: Glorious Bug Tamer! Tommyr…
Season 1 : Ep. 28   (23:18)
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When Toriko’s hand is frozen solid during a deadly encounter with a Gourmet Corps bug tamer, the burden of collecting the Century Soup falls squarely on the small shoulders of Komatsu! Is the little chef up to such a big task?
8. Welcome to the NHK: Welcome to the…
Season 1 : Ep. 3   (24:03)
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Instead of working to develop the game, Sato’s busy doing research for the project. Unfortunately for Kaoru, all that means is watching his partner spend hours playing sexy games and looking at porn.
9. Fractale: Encounter
Season 1 : Ep. 1   (23:23)
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While Clain is on his way home from the junk market, he saves a mystifying girl from peril – but she disappears from his life as quickly as she entered it, leaving only a mysterious pendant behind.