Fafner – Heaven and Earth – Movie English Cast

All the Elite Video Subscribers saw this earlier today, but now you can see it! Here’s the English dub cast list for Fafner – Heaven and Earth.


Riveting scenes of destruction and psychological warfare between man and a hiveminded alien force continue in this all-new animated feature film.

Years have passed since Kazuki led a team of young pilots to terminate the alien’s home base. Tatsumiya Island is close to recovery, but the scars of war and loss remain with the survivors—and peace remains a distant dream. With Soshi still in its clutches, the enemy attacks using human’s own military tactics against them. A mysterious messenger offers an ultimatum for coexistence like a backhanded olive branch: surrender the island’s core for assimilation or die. Determined to save his best friend and their only home, Kazuki risks the loss of both body and mind in an explosive battle over the fate of humankind.

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FUMIHIKO Brian Mathis
MISAO Joel McDonald
KAZUKI Micah Solusod
CHIZURU Luci Christian
MAYA Jennifer Sekiguchi
KENJI Austin Tindle
KIYOMI Colleen Clinkenbeard
MARCY Anastasia Muñoz
SOSHI Josh Grelle
CANON Morgan Garrett
IAN Andrew Chandler
RINA Jamie Marchi
MIWA Tia Ballard
AKIRA Ben Bryant
SERI Jād Saxton
YOKO Lydia Mackay
SAKURA Leah Clark
AKANE Jennifer Seman
HIROTO Chris Burnett
IKUMI Juli Erickson
TAMOTSU Chuck Huber
YUMIKO Cynthia Cranz
JINGJING Lindsay Seidel
TSUBAKI Kristi Kang
FESTUM Terri Doty
ADR Director Joel McDonald
ADR Engineer Kevin Leasure
Script Writer John Burgmeier