Fullmetal Alchemist Battle Coming Soon to Android

Today we have some big announcements regarding Fullmetal Battle. First a quick thank you to all the Fullmetal Battle players, about 75,000 people have experienced the game since its launch on the iPhone last year, and we have been working to take the game to a new level.

Many of you have asked for Fullmetal Battle for Android. Well, good news! We are launching an Android version of the game in the coming months, but that’s not all!

We have also been working on the first expansion set, which we’re calling Set 1.1 – “The Battle Mentors.” It’s a new French version of the game with many other improvements. Over the coming weeks, as we get close to the Android launch, we will be releasing lots of additional information about the new version of the game, the new cards and details on the updates to the additional cards we have planned.

Check out some images below!

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