HUGE FUNimation Sale on iTunes for Comic-Con

Do you buy your anime on iTunes? Maybe you prefer your entertainment in digital form? Well, it’s gonna be Christmas in July because we’re running a HUGE sale on iTunes in honor of Comic-Con!

That’s right, lots of free episodes, discounted seasons and movies, and specials on all the FUNimation related apps and music that are available in the iTunes store–all in one place!

No, you’re not dreaming. Yes, Virginia, it’s really happening. Those of you who were around might remember our Comic-Con iTunes sale from last year, but last year we didn’t have all the awesome extra stuff that we have this year! This sale includes the FUNimation mobile apps, Fullmetal Battle game, and also the Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker album featuring music inspired by the film.

What are you waiting for? Just head on over to to take advantage of these digital savings. This sale will run until July 24th, 2012.