Wrap Hetalia Around Your World Contest

We want you to Wrap Hetalia Around Your World! Or, at least around your head. Hetalia fans know that if you buy the Limited Edition releases then you get these awesome rainbow-riffic bandanas. Post a Hetalia bandana related picture to Pinterest or Tumblr and you could win a prize! You can upload real life pics of you wearing these bandanas, fan art with drawn bandanas on them, or whatever else you can get creative with.

So, I bet you’re wondering “Well, how does this work?” We’ll tell you! Just upload your bandana picture to Pinterest or Tumblr with the following text “Hetalia Season Four Available July 3rd.” Then email us at contests@funimation.com with the subject “Wrap Hetalia Around Your World!” and include the link to your picture. Contest begins at 8am CT on Monday, June 25th and will end at 11:59 pm CT on Friday, July 6th. You can enter as many times as you want, but there are a few stipulations:

    • You must keep the images rated PG or lower.
    • This contest is open to both the U.S. and Canada.
    • If you are under 18 years old you will need to fill out a consent form.
    • Images must be no larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels.
    • You must use the tag “#HetaliaParty” to identify your pictures on Tumblr and Pinterest.

Sound good? THAT’S NOT ALL. One of the things we love about our Hetalia fans is their great sense of community. So, we’re giving you a chance to work together on this contest to “unlock” special content.

There are 3 unlockable levels. Once we get a certain number of pictures submitted (combined on both Pinterest and Tumblr) the level will “unlock” and we will release some special content. This could be a clip, or possibly some new “from the cutting room floor” video of Eric Vale (America) or Jonathan Brooks (Prussia) that has never been seen before. At each level, we will select winners to receive these awesome prize packs.

The first level has unlocked. We have received the required 50 submissions. Reward issued: Video of Eric Vale (Voice of America and Canada) answering questions. You can view the video here.

Second level is now unlocked. We have received the required 100 submissions. Reward issued: Video of Jonathan Brooks talking about his role as Prussia. You can view the video here.

Third level is now unlocked. We have received the required 150 submissions. Reward issued: Video of Eric Vale (voice of America and Canada) talking about the other countries. You can view the video here.

Next up, ULTIMATE LEVEL. Keep those pictures coming in! This is one AWESOME video.

Winners will be selected randomly for the first 3 levels, but there will also be an ULTIMATE LEVEL. Even if you win one of the Levels you will still be eligible to win the ULTIMATE prize. And, believe me guys, this is one heck of an ULTIMATE prize. Some of these bandanas are no longer available, so this is your last chance to try and make a complete set. 3 winners for the ULTIMATE LEVEL will be chosen based on the following:

    • Most reblogs on Tumblr
    • Most repins on Pinterest
    • Team Hetalia pick

Whew! That’s a LOT of information! You can check out the complete rules and details by clicking this link. And remember, kiddos, if you’re under 18 then you need to have a parent or guardiansign this consent form and email it to us. We’re excited to see what you guys come up with!

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series synopsis:

The awesome international incidents never stop in Hetalia World Series! All your fave Allied and Axis boys are back, and they’ve brought a bunch of new guys to the party. You like to party, right? Duh. Feel the tension build as Prussia plots an invasion of Austria’s happy little place. Try on a codpiece! Share in Spain’s pain as he does his best to look after little Romano. Run with stampeding kittens! Swoon at the awkward new bromance blossoming between Japan and Greece. Eat a yummy churro! Listen and learn as France teaches Italy about the birds and the bees. Avoid Sealand! Cheer as America befriends space aliens and whales. Truly, no matter whose flag you fly, it’s about to get all SQUEE up in here. Like, big time.