It's a SQUEE World After All

Hooray, Hetalia fans have unlocked the ULTIMATE LEVEL for the Wrap Hetalia Around Your World Contest! Reward issued: One AWESOME Hetalia music video!

To celebrate the final season of Hetalia anime being released in North America on 7-3-12, the familiar faces of Team Hetalia at FUNimation have decided to do a musical number to thank all the fans for supporting the series. Watch what happens when we bathe the offices in rainbow, glitter, cosplay and all things random. Let’s sing along and celebrate all the good times of Hetalia!

Special thanks goes out to all the fine DFW local Hetalia cosplayers who came out to the FUNimation offices to add to the insanity.

Mostly, thank YOU, all lovers of Hetalia. You have made this series the biggest joy to work on. Thank you for supporting the show and truly making this an OMF’nG SQUEE WORLD!

Don’t forget to get your copy of the final season–Hetalia: World Series 2 – Season 4.

Until next time,

Love forever – Team Hetalia