New Release Tuesday – Drop Those Britches B**ches!

The Powerpuff Girls ain’t got nothin’ on these ladies! Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is finally available on DVD. Pick up this raunchy series today and be prepared to laugh your ass off.

For you digital fans out there, you can download free episodes of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and Lost Girl now on your Xbox and PS3.


Panty and Stocking – the Anarchy Sisters – are two nasty angels who got booted from the pearly gates for being foul-mouthed bitches! Now they spend their days blowing up ghosts in the lecherous abyss between Heaven and Earth. Panty likes sex, Stocking likes sweets, their afro-sporting main man Garter Belt has a fetish we can’t mention. Together, they’re keeping the streets free of bodily fluids. Ghosts don’t have a prayer against their panty pistols and stocking swords, and if this debaucherous duo can collect enough Heaven Coins, they just might get their halos back. They’ve got a slim chance in hell, but rolling commando is the best way to get lucky – especially with Panty and Stocking! This Limited Edition comes in a collectible art box.