You made the cast of Panty & Stocking say $#!t

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We asked all of you recently to submit the dirtiest, foulest, most wrong things you could think of for some of the English voice cast of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt to say on camera. We went through the countless amount of swear-filled entries submitted and chose a few that we felt were the best/worst of the bunch.

Here are the winning selections filmed at Anime Expo 2012.

Winning entries submitted by:

  • Akemi R.
  • Andre H.
  • Austin
  • CJ
  • Elijah S.
  • Grant M.
  • Griffin B.
  • James R.
  • Jamison H.
  • Jeff C.
  • Jesse I.
  • Jon M.
  • Josh P.
  • Mycroft V.
  • Oliver F.
  • Rodeney R.
  • SuperPsyguy
  • TJ S.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. Your dirty, dirty minds were just the thing forPanty & Stocking with Garterbelt. You can check out the video on by clickingthis link. Warning, this video is uncensored and age-gated. So, be prepared.

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