Remnant Knights – Heroes of Kasmari: Class Will Never Be the Same

It’s finally here! After a great Open Beta period, our friends at GameSamba are celebrating the full release of their FREE-to-play MMORPG–Remnant Knights. Check out their Heroes of Kasmari update and look for other major features and new content to be added soon!

Have you been playing Remnant Knights? I know I have. So, if you see me in game, make sure you say “hi!” My user name is Rojas, not to be confused with the kick-ass Rojas the Sorcerer. Yeah, it’s named after me. How many of YOU can say you have a boss in a game named after you? Ha!

Ok, enough gloating. Take a look below at all the changes that come with the new Heroes of Kasmari update! You can access Remnant Knights, as well as some more free-to-play games from GameSamba, on our website at


  • Level cap raised to 60
  • Added new level 60 PvP mode, Arena Battle, available in 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5
  • New zone, Mara, is now available
  • 8 new dungeons for level 52+
  • 3 new level 60 dungeons with legendary items
  • New item drop mechanic from dungeon bosses
  • New EXP table to drastically increase speed of leveling
  • Over 100 quests added to Ghost Town and Forest of Silence
  • New mounts and clothing; limited mounts are available in shopkeeper after Greenville.
  • New PK Toggle system
  • Updated OX Quiz Questions
  • Began updating graphics for Mobs, NPCs, and Zones
  • New Helmet slot added to character equipment
  • Class skills adjusted for better balance
  • Ended Independence Day event
  • Start of “Be the First” event
  • Furniture Crafting feature and NPC added to schools
  • New Flower Pot furniture crafting feature and NPC added to schools
  • Upgraded fishing drop rate and items
  • New gates added in each school to gain access to the gym for GM events
  • Server update applied to enhance performance
  • Updated and expanded Game Guide

In honor of the full release of Remnant Knights, there are a few special promotions going on right now. This includes the Be The First contest. Race to be the first in various categories and you could win some awesome prizes. Pretty sweet deal.