Wrap Hetalia Around Your World Winners!

Ok, we know you’ve all been patiently waiting to find out who won the ‘Wrap Hetalia Around Your World’ contest. We had well over 200 entries to go through, and they were so full of AWESOME that it was hard to make a decision on winners. Hetalia definitely has some of the best fans around! A lot of blood, sweat, and glitter went into the making of these entries and it was amazing to see them come to life on Tumblr and Pinterest. Again, we’re sorry for the spamming of our Tumblr page! We promise it won’t happen again.

The beauty of Hetalia is that it brings fans of all backgrounds and ages into a world of craziness and hilarity. The show might be over, but always remember to wear your bandana with pride and SQUEE your heart out! Anyways, we’ve reached the end of the rainbow and it is time to announce the glittery winners! Just to recap, there were 4 different prize level with 4 winners each for levels 1-3 and 3 winners for the ultimate level. As a reminder, even if you won something in Levels 1 – 3, you were still eligible to win the ULTIMATE PRIZE.

If you want a closer look at the winning photos, just click on them to enlarge.

Level 1 Prize Winners

Level 1 Prize
Lurker Kurkland
Nick T.
Mario G.

Level 2 Prize Winners

Level 2 Prize
Kassie O
Rosalyn L

Level 3 Prize Winners

Level 3 Prize

Ultimate Level Prize Winners

Ultimate Level Prize
Kat F.

And that’s a wrap folks! We’d like to thank everyone for participating and making this contest a lot of fun. We’ve had a blast and we certainly hope you did too. We might be at the end of the rainbow, but the glitter will keep on sparkling! If you haven’t done so already, make sure you pick up your copy of the FINAL season of Hetalia!

Disclaimer: No bandanas were harmed in the making of this post.