So Hot it's Freezing!

Freezing: The Complete Series is coming out on BD/DVD on 8/28/12. To get you ready, we’ve uploaded a special treat for you on This is our exclusive UNCENSORED Red Band trailer, and you’ll only find it on So, if you are the proper age, and have a mature mind, click this link to see the trailer. Remember, this is Not Safe For Work.

But that’s not all. If you check out the Freezing website later this week you’ll see the first of a series of exclusive avatars and wallpapers. We’ll be releasing a new Freezing avatar and wallpaper each week until the release of the series. So, stay tuned for more.

You’ll be able to download these exclusive goodies byclicking this link. They’ll be located under the Extras section, which will be added later this week.

So, if all that peaks your interest, make sure you pre-order Freezing before it comes out on 8/28/12.

The Dress Code is About to Get Violated.