Hey, Nice Package! – One Piece: Season 4, Voyage 1

It’s been a while since I had time to do a “Hey, Nice Package!” video, but it’s fitting that the return of this segment features the return of such an epic series. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates set sail once again with One Piece – Season 4, Voyage 1 (Available on DVD August 7, 2012).

The wait is finally over with this new release featuring the Davy Back Fight arc (Episodes 206 – 217). If you’ve been following the subtitled versions, then you know that Luffy sports a new “do”. Hopefully this release will tide you over for a bit, but we’ll have new releases every couple months or so. Don’t forget you can always watch episodes on OnePieceOfficial.com too. And One Piece – Collections 1 through 6 are also currently available. Collection 7 comes out August 7th and Collection 8 comes out September 25.

You can pre-order from RightStuf for just $23.99 and while supplies last, get the special Limited Edition One Piece Artbook as a gift with purchase.

One Piece Artbook


    • High quality card stock featuring 17 custom created covers used for seasons 1 -4.


    • Gift with purchase from RightStuf or at Otakon (where you can also get the poster and post card)


One Piece 101

Over the summer we posted weekly One Piece 101 videos to help fans find out what they’ve been missing out on in the wild world of One Piece. If you want to get up to speed but don’t have time to watch 200+ episodes, these short but educational videos will definitely help you out. We’d also like to know what you would like to see from One Piece 101 in the future. Leave us a comment telling us what you want the next One Piece 101 to feature.

You’ll notice that in the HNP video, I detail all the “Gift with Purchases” that will be happening at Otakon 2012. Here’s a listing of what gifts go with which purchases. They are all limited quantities and first come, first served – so be sure to make your purchases ASAP!

One Piece Collection 1: Luffy CD Case
One Piece Collection 2: Zoro CD Case 
One Piece Collection 3: Nami CD Case
One Piece Collection 4: Chopper CD Case
One Piece Collection 5: Shanks CD Case 
One Piece Collection 6: Sanji CD Case
One Piece Collection 7: Marine Admirals (and Smoker) cell phone strap
One Piece Season 4, Voyage 1: One Piece Art Book + 2 random GashaPon capsule