Freezing Caption Contest Winners!

Freezing released this week on BD/DVD Combo, and I know you’re all wondering who won our fun little caption contest (click this link to see what we’re talking about.) Well, you guys really outdid yourselves! Some of these had us laughing so hard that other co-workers walking by thought we’d lost it. Thanks to everyone who entered! Take a look below for the winners and their prize-winning captions!

Day 1

“These aren’t the breasts you’re looking for. You should just move along.” -Josh P. (Northwood, NH)

Day 2

“The first person who says ‘can you hear me now?’ gets their ass kicked. Just sayin'” -Matthew S. (Phoenix, AZ)

Day 3

“Okay, I’m using you as a flotation device.” -Kenneth A. (Santa Rosa, CA)

Day 4

“Please, violence is not going to help the clothing budget get better.” -Jana B. (Belton, TX)

Day 5

“Public nudity, I choose you!” -Sera G. (Winfield, IL)

And our Grand Prize winner was randomly chosen from all the entries, so congratulations to Clarissa S. from Simi Valley, CA!

To all of our winners, your prizes will be mailed out to you shortly. To everyone else, be sure to get your copy of Freezing, available now on BD/DVD Combo!

series synopsis:

The masters of action-oriented fan service who brought you Ikki Tousen are back with a brutally busty bloodletting that Anime New Networks calls “lewd and sadistic!” Eager to follow in the footsteps of his fallen sister, Kazuya enrolls at West Genetics Academy, a training facility for buxom heroes known as Pandoras. These courageous schoolgirls are genetically-enhanced with enough sex appeal to cripple a man – and the superhuman strength to slaughter aliens by the dozen. Kazuya’s role is that of Limiter, a Pandora’s battle partner, and he quickly sets his sights on the most feared beauty in school, Satellizer el Brigette. This full-figured annihilator of aliens is as desirable as she is deadly, but rubbing her the wrong way could lead to gross bodily harm. Can Kazuya forge a bond with his new partner and rise to the top of the ranks at West Genetics? Or will he fall victim to the mysterious bloodlust lurking within Satellizer?

So, did you like this caption contest? What do you think of the winning entries? Think you can do better? You won’t get any prizes, other than the satisfaction of a job well done, but we’d still like to see them. So go ahead and post them in the comments below this post.