Art of Thorn: Behind the Scenes Digital Art for King of Thorn

King of Thorn is FINALLY releasing on BD/DVD Combo next week! To get you ready, we’re sharing some behind the scenes sketch art, background images, and miscellaneous unused images all this week. We’ll be uploading a new set of images to FUNimation Pinterest every day this week, so remember to check back often to get your daily dose of KoT!

series synopsis:

Kazuyoshi Katayama, the director of Appleseed and the Big O series unleashes a violent survival film in which the distinction between dream and reality dissolves. Panic spreads worldwide as the Medousa Virus-a fatal pandemic that solidifies the body to stone-threatens to wipe out the human race. 160 infected individuals are selected to be cryogenically frozen while a cure is developed. Kasumi is one of those chosen for the experimental program. Forced to enter without her twin sister, Shizuku, her distress multiplies when she awakens to find the facility overrun with thick, thorny vines and ravenous monsters. As Kasumi and six others fight a losing battle to escape this labyrinthine nightmare, questions cloud her distorted mind. Where is her sister? Why did their only salvation mutate into a deathtrap? If they survive, how much longer do they have to live?

Here are a few images below! Click on the image to enlarge. For more images, take a look at our Digital Art Book on FUNimation Pinterest! Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of King of Thorn, available on BD/DVD Combo on 9.18.12.

Death bat color reference sketch art
Reference sketch of one of Marco’s outfits from the film highlighting the similarities from the original manga.
Demonsaurus reference sketch art
small monster reference sketch art
Giant thorn monster color reference sketch art
sketch art of a nightmare scenario of monsters going down the stairs.
Kasumi in her school uniform color test reference image.