Level E – Cast Announcement

Do you love a good prank? Does your sense of humor border on sadistic? Then you’ll love Level E, a hilariously twisted new series from the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Level E will be available on BD/DVD Combo on 12.4.2012. You can pre-order now on Amazon and RightStuf! Lead voice actor Vic Mignogna will be present to introduce the English dub world premiere at Anime Weekend Atlanta (Chambers room, Saturday at 3pm), followed by a Q&A session. We will also have some awesome Level E posters on hand for all AWA con goers, so be sure to swing by the FUNimation booth and grab one.

Without further ado, here is the official English dub Trailer and Full Cast List for Level E.

English Voice Cast
· Prince Baka – Vic Mignogna
· Yukitaka Tsutsui – Micah Solusod
· Miho Edogawa – Lindsay Seidel
· Kraft – Jason Douglas
· Sado – Jarrod Greene
· Colin – Ian Sinclair
· Akagawa (Red Ranger) – Leah Clark
· Yokota (Yellow Ranger) – Cris George
· Momochi (White Ranger) – Caitlin Glass
· Shimizu (Blue Ranger) – Terri Doty
· Mayuzumi (Black Ranger) – Apphia Yu
· Luna – Colleen Clinkenbeard
· Yumeno – Chuck Huber
· Tachibana – Lydia Mackay
· Narrator – Bruce Carey

Series Synopsis

This extraterrestrial adventure follows the alien genius, Prince Baka (masterfully portrayed by anime legend Vic Mignogna) as he turns life on Earth into his own personal laugh track. The Prince has the biggest brain in the galaxy, and he’s also a sadistic prankster who loves to make humans squirm. Anime fans will fall hard for this nostalgic, “undeniably clever” series that spoofs the television shows, video games, and superheroes they loved as kids. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll remember that thing you did that was super mean – but also super hilarious. (Don’t worry, you won’t get grounded.) So yeah, Level E. The alien invasion has begun. Prepare to die – laughing.

Here’s a first look at the dub!