Steins;Gate Part Two – The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

I know we’ve totally left you hanging with the first twelve episodes of Steins;Gate, and many of you are chomping at the bit wondering how long you’ll have to wait to complete the series. Well, fear not dear Future Gadget Lab Members, Steins;Gate Part Two will be releasing on December 11, 2012! Our Part Two release comes complete with the ever-so-loved Episode 25, as well. Don’t forget to like the official Steins;Gate Facebook page for up-to-date news, contests, and digital downloads.

So hurry and pre-order your copy now. It’ll make the perfect stocking stuffer! I’m sure Grandma will love it.

For those of you who make it out to New York Comic Con this weekend, you’ll be the first to get your hands on the limited edition Steins;Gate Part Two poster (pictured on the right). Just stop by the FUNimation booth on the show floor for your chance to get one.

But, what would an announcement be without a fancy new trailer? Behold, the trailer for the second half of Steins;Gate!


Prepare yourself for the mind-bending conclusion to the sci-fi anime event of the year!

The microwave is a time machine and the girl gets shot. Okarin sends another text. Nukes another banana. The mad scientist meddled with forces he never should have known about. The girl gets run over by a car. Okarin goes back to stop the bleeding. Dashes madly through the dark streets. Races against time. The girl gets hit by a train. Failures and flatlines multiply in a ghastly pattern of repetition. Over and over and over again until sanity is stripped away and you start to notice shapes slipping in and out of the shadows. SERN. The girl gets stabbed before and after the kissing. Okarin grows frantic. Bodies pile up around him. SERN is getting closer. The girl is bleeding. A Top Secret Future Gadget Lab member from the future is their only hope. The blood sprays and the girl dies. SERN destroys the world. Kills all the girls. There is time for one last try. Now Okarin bleeds but he won’t stop. Ever. The microwave is a time machine and the girl always gets shot.

WARNING: Major spoilers for those who haven’t finished the first part.