Lost Girl Season 2 Contest – What Kind of Fae Would You Be?

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Contest is over. Congratulations to the winner.

Lost Girl Season 2 is now available on Blu-ray and DVD, so as an added bonus we’re giving fans a chance to win this autographed poster signed by Zoie Palmer (Lauren), Ksenia Solo (Kenzi), and Rick Howland (Trick). You’ll also get a Lost Girl T-shirt (size XL) and a tube of Lost Girl lip balm.

How do you win this fabulous prize pack? All you have to do is tweet us @FUNimation and tell us what kind of Fae you would be. Make sure you also include #LostGirlS2@lostgirlseries andhttps://funi.to/RUvDrG.

Pretty simple, right? We’re looking forward to seeing which Fae-tastic creatures you pick! We’ll pick a random winner from all the entries on November 19th. Click here for complete contest rules.

In the meantime, have you picked up your copy of Season 2 yet?

Bo is back, and she’s ready for action! As always, her mortal bestie Kenzi is along for the ride, eager to add a human touch to Bo s supernatural existence. The new season gets off to a bang as the Succubus finds herself navigating a web of seduction between Dyson, Lauren, and a dark fae she just can’t resist. As if Bo’s hands weren’t already full, There is a new Ash in town and he has his own agenda for Bo. Throw in some shocking revelations by Trick, a new boy toy for Kenzi, a Fae-devouring beast with fiery wings, and it’s enough to make any girl head straight for the spa. But Bo’s not just any girl. She’s a Succbus to be reckoned with, and juggling the romantic entanglements of a modern woman while saving the Fae world from fire and brimstone is what she does best.

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