Why we Love Tenchi!

Back when the only cure for an anime fix was a trip to the mall to load up on VHS tapes, there was Tenchi. Back when cable television first introduced this amazing new anime genre to American fans, there was Tenchi. The times may have changed since those good old days, but one thing remains constant–a true classic never goes out of style.

Which is probably why so many fans still hold Tenchi near and dear to their hearts. And, what’s not to love? Magical girls in short skirts, macho men with spiky hair blasting off to distant planets, and five hot alien women fawning over one young man–Tenchi Masaki.

The Tenchi franchise has spawned multiple TV series, OVA series, and spin-offs. One of the spin-offs, Tenchi Muyo! GXP, is currently airing Saturday Nights on Toonami. Fans can also look forward to the release of Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar next year. This will be the first new title in the franchise in over 5 years.

So, in honor of all things Tenchi, we’ll be updating this blog post every day this week to remind us all how great Tenchi is, and also introduce this fun franchise to a new generation of anime fans. But, you don’t have to take our word for it, here’s what some Tenchi fans have to say about some of their favorite scenes.

“The love triangle between Ayeka and Ryoko towards Tenchi is hilarious especially when another character comes between them and Tenchi. It also shows deep loss, rising to adversity, and never giving up. Plus cool powers.” (Daniel B., New Braunfels, TX)

“Tenchi Muyo is the first “harem” anime I ever saw and what got me into the type of anime that involves one guy with lots of girls falling in love with him. The hilarity, action and drama of the Tenchi series blends perfectly making this anime series an otaku classic. Anyone who considers themselves a fan of anime should never pass up a chance to check out Tenchi Muyo” (Mike V., Herndon, VA)

“It was one of the first big time animes that I’d seen after school, and I’ve always been into sci-fi/adventure (with good amounts of comedy) animes – so this show had practically everything I could ask for. Not to mention great characters. It also ended up being one of the shows that helped me start to become more social, and from that- I’ve had a great friendship with someone for the past 10 years –in part- thanks to this show.” (Ashley O., Katy, TX)

Well, we’ve gone through most of the Tenchi stuff we have, and to top off this week of Tenchi nostalgia we’re going to go out with a song. Or maybe four. If you enjoyed the music from the promo clips and trailers, well now you can download them for FREE.

Download T1 the official trailer music composed by Austin Black HERE

Download N3 the official trailer music composed by Austin Black HERE

Download E2 the official trailer music composed by Austin Black HERE

Download Cherry Tree the official trailer music composed by Jim Welch HERE

And that wraps up Tenchi week! Don’t forget to pick up these Tenchi Muyo! releases to complete your collections:

What are some of your favorite Tenchi moments? Share them with us below in the comments!