Magic vs. Science – A Certain Magical Index Contest

Contest is now over! Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the debate between Magic vs. Science.

A Certain Magical Index releases next week, and we’ve got a fun little experiment for you. If given the choice, would you pick Magic or Science?

The world of “A Certain Magical Index” combines modern science and technology with ancient spells and sorcery. Our hero, Toma, lives in Academy City, a place with technological advancements twenty to thirty years beyond the rest of the world, and whose student residents wield scientifically-honed superhuman abilities. Title character, Index, is a nun of Necessarius, a secretive sect of the Church of England, and her mind contains 103,000 ancient magical texts that are the basis for some of the most powerful and forbidden sorcery in existence. Together with a cast of espers and sorcerers with amazing powers, Toma and Index have plenty of adventures at the intersection of magic and science.

Magic versus science, fantasy versus science fiction. Which side do you prefer? Based on your response, you could win a great prize pack of magic- or science-related anime!

Vote for the side you’re on, and if your side wins, you’ll be entered to win a prize pack. There will be three rounds, each with a new duo of prizes, on Monday (12/10), Wednesday (12/12) and Friday (12/14). Feel free to tell us why you chose science or magic and we may feature your answer on our blog! Also, tweet your reason with the hashtag #magicVSscience on Twitter, and we’ll retweet some of the most interesting ones on our account @FUNimation!

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Round 3 results:
Magic 63%
Science 37%

Lucky winner: Ricardo G. (Auburn, WA)

So there you have it. Fans have overwhelming decided they would prefer Magic in the battle of Magic vs. Science.

Here are some parting words from both parties:

Pro Magic:
“Whereas Science is something tangible, something that can be explained, Magic is a bit harder than that. Magic is something special, something extraordinary, that not only cannot be explained, but just doesn’t need to be. Everyone needs something to believe in, some hope to carry them forward. Sure, science is cold, hard facts, but haven’t you always wanted to fly as a kid? To see through walls? To do any number of super-powered things some of your favorite heroes did? That is the basis of magic. It gives hope to the normal people, to those not dedicated to the pursuit of what they can only see in front of them. Close your eyes and believe in something new. That is the power of magic.” -Lara H

“I chose the Magic side for one reason and one reason only. The Magic side deals with belief which is a matter of the heart whereas the Science side deals with proof which is a matter of the mind. When one thinks about it logically the Magic side is ruled by emotions which are governed by the heart whereas the Science side rules with rationality which is governed by the mind. Me personally I would prefer to make mistakes because I followed my heart and did what I thought was right than do the logical thing and give up on my humanity.” -Michael H

Pro Science:
“While some think that one is the power of gods or demons, and that the other is the power of human will and determination, I think that it’s much simpler than all of this. There are all sorts of laws which govern the universe, and magic simply breaks them. But however much creative power it takes to imagine up something which can break the rules, it ALWAYS takes more ingenuity to create something which can have the exact same outcome while STILL following the rules. That ingenuity is what science is.” -Jonathan P.

“Science makes the impossible possible what seems illogical completely logical. Science is what advances humanity and helps set us apart from wild animals. Without it we wouldn’t be near as prosperous as we currently are.” -Aaron M.