Elite Video Subscription Extra for 1/14

We have been adding video extras for our Elite Subscribers every Monday and Friday for a while now. With all these extras going up regularly there is a chance that you may have missed some of these in the past or could miss some in future. We want to help correct this issue by posting a quick update about the newest EVS extra added that day.

We have also compiled all the previous extras and made a list of them so you can go back and catch any you may have missed. We will be updating this list every time we add a new extra.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Voice Actor interview
Anime Expo 2012

Today’s extra is a 30 minute uncut interview with Joel McDonald (Voice of Brief), Monica Rial (Voice of Stocking), Ian Sinclair (Voice of Chuck), and Jamie Marchi (Voice of Panty and Script Adaptor) telling us all about swearing!