Official FUNimation Anime Online Community – Winter Simulcast Announcement – Hetalia: The Beautiful World

We’ve saved the best for last. Hetalia: The Beautiful World will round out our winter simulcasts. That’s right, the boys are back with Season 5, and it looks like it’s gonna get even more ridiculous.

The Allied guys and Axis boys are back in Hetalia: The Beautiful World! It’s Season 5. As in high-five! And when we high-five, a tiny kitten appears with a wee banjo! And he’s playing a song about a cupcake and it’s freaking adorable! But then Prussia shows up and yells at the kitten. But the kitten doesn’t get sad, because, dude… Claaaassic Prussia.

Look for Hetalia: The Beautiful World to begin simulcasting at the end of January. Go to for more information.

Here’s the official English subtitled trailer for Season 5!