Deadman Wonderland – My Bloody Valentine Contest Results!

Our Deadman Wonderland – My Bloody Valentine Contest is now over, and the entries have been shifted through. We had some really inventive submissions, and some of them were borderline frightening…

It was really hard to pick just one winner, but we finally decided. Congratulations to AntiSora_v2! Your Branch of Sin was extremely creative. You can view AntiSora_v2’s answer below:

My Branch of Sin would literally tear my body apart. It would break my body into pieces, then hold it together with blood. In a sense, my blood would now work as both muscular and skeletal systems because it would hold me in place and give the ability of movement. This would give me a much greater range of mobility, plus the ability to separate myself to avoid attacks. My Branch of Sin isn’t offensive, it simply amplifies my mobility, agility, and defensive ability. This means I would have to rely on my own self to fight, not my Sin.

Ok, I know we can only have one winner, but this entry was just too good, so we had to share. Here’s our Honorable Mention from gainaxfanboy:

In order to activate my branch of sin I would first have to cut open my hand. Using the blood that streams out I would then manipulate it in such a way that that it would take the form Rojas. Admit-ably this form would have its flaws as it’s colour would at best resemble a very sunburnt and grotesque interpretation on what is otherwise a very handsome and dashing connoisseur of anime. Using this pseudo-Rojas, dressed in the finest anime apparel from right stuf, I would take him to Funimation HQ where unbeknownst to the employees there my pseudo-rojas would dutifully carry on on all of Rojas’s day to day work. He would live stream noitaminA and Funimation live events, work on procuring anime from the hottest organizations in Japan and maybe even indulge himself by honing his skills on the Panty and Stocking stripper pole.

After the rest of the Funimation staff would go home to sleep sweet dreams of Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura my pseudo-rojas would then get on with his real job. He would help me become king of the pirates by picking up one piece collections 7 and 8. He would “hack into the gate” and procure the steins;gate dvd and blu-ray combo packs. He would help me collect the dragon balls by obtaining the DBZ kai blu-ray sets. Keeping with this theme he would continue to pick up the anime that I willed him too. After successfully raiding the entire Funimation HQ my puppet would finish by stashing it all in a ~kawaii~ bag and bring it back to me. I would be infinitely happy and none would be the wiser.

Disclaimer: I-Its not like I’d actually do this or anything…

Even though it made Rojas a tad uncomfortable, the rest of us thought this entry was terrific. However, one Rojas is more than enough for this world, so we hope there won’t be any pseudo-rojases for a long, long time.

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