Baka & Test: Dumbest. Contest. Ever. – Question #2

This portion of the contest is over. To see the winning entry click this link.

We hope you all liked the first question in our Baka & Test: Dumbest. Contest. Ever. event. When we asked all of you to think as a member of Class F you sure didn’t disappoint.

It was a tough decision but the winner of Question #1 is VonOfnir – welcome to Class F!
Question: You’re on a train that leaves New York for Orlando at 8AM, going 60 mph. Three hours later, a train leaves Orlando for New York, going 85 mph. Orlando and New York are 1200 miles apart. What time will you be able to see the other train pass?
Teacher: “Yes, you in the back.”

Boy: “Well…”

(and thus begins a conversation in his head)

– wait a second, what if there is weather?

**eyes widen**

– Is it winter? How much snow is on the ground? Is it snow or is it ice? What if it’s a mixture?
What if it’s not winter, maybe it’s spring?

**starting to panic**

– If it’s spring and we’re travelling around hills or mountains…OH GOD, MOUNTAINS!!!! That

**jaw drops**


**closes mouth and now has an inquisitive look on his face**

– But it could be in the summer…nice weather, can see everything.

**closes eyes and imagines the image with a relaxed smirk on his face**

– The animals on the farm grazing without any problems in the world. People walking around in
love, walking hand in hand. Workers working hard at their jobs. Oh it’s starting to get a little dark,
must be rain. Wind is starting to pick up a bit…a lot actually.

** as a cow flies by in his dream, he snaps out of trance with eyes wide open and jaw dropped
and super panicked as he stands straight up and runs out of the classroom in terror screaming…
(which ends his own conversation in his head)

Boy: “HURRICANE!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! **crying**

Teacher looks confused and struck with awe.

Teacher: “Uhhh…”

**Teacher sees a girl with her hand raised intently as if she knows the answer.**

Teacher: How about you miss?

Girl: “6:05PM?”

There is still have room for two more students to join the ranks of Class F so do not worry. Because worrying requires proper thinking, and we can’t have any of that here.

Answer the following question, most creative unintelligent or ‘BAKA’ answer wins the prize!

Question #2: Science
Explain why the sky is blue.
BAKA answer example: Because the ocean’s blue, and when water evapperates evapourrates goes into the air, the wet part becomes the clouds (don’t ask me how, I think it has to do with photosynthesis) and the blue color gets absorbed into the sky???

Question #2 Prize Pack 

  • Full Metal Panic!: The Complete Series DVD
  • Negima!: The Complete Series DVD
  • Baka and Test postcard
  • Baka and Test poster, autographed by Alexis Tipton, voice of Mizuki Himeji

Remember that all answers need to be posted in the comments of this blog post. See the originalcontest post for more details.

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