Baka & Test: Dumbest. Contest. Ever. – Question #3

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This portion of the contest is over. To see the winning entry please click this link.

We’re down to the the last question in our Baka & Test: Dumbest. Contest. Ever. event. Another round of…great, yea great, answers!

It was another close one but the winner of Question #2 is ASAW – welcome to Class F!
Question: Explain why the sky is blue.
Answer: I would love to explain why the sky is blue but I’m not a therapist. I don’t know what it’s deal is. Maybe it needs a girlfriend or something. I hear Mother Nature is single.

It’s time for everyone who hasn’t won yet to go that extra mile and give -110%! Forget to tie your laces, lock your keys in your car (again), and truly believe that 2+2 = 22.

Answer the following question, most creative unintelligent or ‘BAKA’ answer wins the prize!

Question #3: English
Choose one of the following vocabulary words, define it, and explain its origin.

  • Bildungsroman
  • Cantankerous
  • Discombobulate
  • Loquacious
  • Panjandrum

BAKA answer example: A bildungsroman was a common ritual in the ancient Roman coliseum. Normally, when a gladiator was defeated, they would be put to death, but sometimes, if they did a particularly crappy job, the audience would fling dung into the ring until the pile was as big as a building—thus building, dung, roman is a bildungsroman.

Question #3 Prize Pack 

  • Ouran High School Host Club: The Complete Series DVD
  • Level E: The Complete Series, Blu-ray+DVD Limited Edition Combo Pack
  • Baka and Test postcard
  • Baka and Test poster, autographed by Alexis Tipton, voice of Mizuki Himeji

Remember that all answers need to be posted in the comments of this blog post. See the originalcontest post for more details.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Baka & Test OVA take a look at the trailer.

synopsis: Class F is back in the Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts: OVA Special Collection! Fumizuki Academy’s popular Refreshing Festival is quickly approaching, and the student body is busy prepping class projects. For Yoshii and the gang, there’s a lot more at stake than showing off for campus visitors. If Class F doesn’t profit from its festival project and buy some new gear for its dumpy room, Mizuki’s parents are going to send her to another school! Of course, even if the slack pack makes some money, they’ll have to win one of the toughest Summoner Test Wars of their lives before they’re allowed to spend it. It’s not going to be easy, that’s for sure. But once the underachievers of Class F get motivated, they don’t give up – and they can’t even spell surrender!

If you missed them there is also Season One (DVD/Blu-ray Combo) and Season Two (DVD/Blu-ray Combo) available now.

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