New Release Tuesday – It's Scorching

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It’s the scorching conclusion of the Shakugan no Shana series. Find out what happens to Shana and Yuji, and pick up Season 3 today. Get the limited edition box while you can, once these are gone they’re gone for good!

Finally…the all-new conclusion to the action-fueled series begins. Follow a hot-blooded huntress in her final battle to maintain the balance between the human world and the supernatural. Yuji disappeared the fateful night he was supposed to choose between a life combatting evil by Shana’s side or as a normal teenager. He returns from near-death to lead the Crimson Denizens in a dubious plot to bring peace to the universe-but Shana isn’t fooled. In an explosive reunion, the fiery warrior faces her unlikeliest of foes while Flame Hazes from across the world join forces to ignite a war that will determine the fate of all supernatural kind.

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